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Understanding Indonesia

Synthesis Indonesia is an independent PR Agency in Jakarta. We provide marketing communications and consulting to help our clients achieve public recognition, higher revenue, and increased engagement with relevant stakeholders.

Established in Jakarta, Synthesis PR Agency aims to assist brands in launching, developing, and expanding their presence across the nation. Our Public Relations Experts have extensive knowledge working with both established and emerging corporations, to help them meet their PR goals.

Through advocacy, we identify trends, public perception and possible government policies that may impact our clients’ businesses

An approach to communications which is based on influencing policy makers and non-government organizations on the critical role of business in achieving social and national goals. Advocacy is a process of outreach that blends both hard and soft messaging.

Using the mass media to communicate and deliver a client’s message effectively and to the right audience. By choosing different media platforms to achieve multiple goals, we ensure that each message is delivered in a timely manner.

An intersection between traditional PR Activities and what are considered to be crucial Digital activities: Search, Content Marketing and Social Media

Through Digital PR, we can transform what used to be a one way, static news to a conversation; bypassing the traditional media to talk directly to your target audience online.