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Indonesia Headline Recap Week of 11 January 2015

The biggest attention grabber in the week of 11 January 2015 was the terrorist attack that took place in Jakarta. The attack, while surprising, was deemed a failure as only 8 people were killed (five being the terrorists responsible), with 20 wounded.

In a surprisingly pleasant twist, the market, which understandably dropped, bounced right back up mere hours after the attack. This resiliency is largely the result of the quick, and professional handling of the event by the Police.

In other news, the government is expanding the visa free program in order to boost tourism. 84 new countries will be added to the list.

Plans to purchase Freeport’s shares in Indonesia came under scrutiny as it became apparent that the price that Freeport is offering was considered too expensive. The Minister for State Owned Enterprises Rini Marini Soemarno said that she’s certain that the price for the 10.64% of the shares the government is planning to purchase will cost much lower than Freeport’s initial offer.

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