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The Indonesia Development Forum 2017

Indonesia is a nation on the rise. Over the past decade, it has lifted millions of its citizens from poverty by providing jobs and improving the standard of living. Strong economic growth underpinned by well-targeted government policies has enabled the rise of a significant middle class. However, income inequality and a widening wealth gap pose significant challenges for the government and a threat to social stability. The Gini coefficient ratio, for example, while improving slightly has not changed much over the past five years.

For this reason, the Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) hosted the Indonesia Development Forum on August 9-10 in Jakarta. Supported by the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI), a joint program between the governments of Indonesia and Australia, it aimed to create a national platform to discuss challenges and generate new ideas on development and to seek innovative solutions together.

Synthesis Communications Indonesia was engaged to develop and execute a media engagement plan as well as content creation program to promote the event, build a close rapport with relevant media, and ensure good coverage of all events leading up to, and including, the Indonesia Development Forum 2017 2-day conference.

The Synthesis team also planned and executed the Indonesia Development Forum website design and maintenance program, as well as the Social Media campaign in support of the event.